5 Characters who Turned from Villains to Heroes in One Piece


5 Characters who Turned from Villains to Heroes in One Piece

5 Characters Who Turned from Villains to Heroes in One Piece


In this article, we will explore five characters from the anime One Piece who underwent a remarkable transformation from being villains to becoming unbeatable heroes. Join us as we delve into their journeys of redemption and growth.

1. Mr. 2 (Bon Clay):

Mr. 2 was initially portrayed as a villain, but as the story progressed, he evolved into a true hero. His transformation took place during the dramatic events at Impel Down Prison. He proved to be a valuable ally to the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, saving him from certain death when he fell victim to poisoning by the prison warden, Magellan. Mr. 2's courageous act extended further as he helped Luffy reach the sixth floor, where his brother Ace was imprisoned. However, it's important to note that Mr. 2 was once a leader in the Baroque Works organization, led by the criminal mastermind Crocodile. This group was involved in nefarious activities, such as murder, sabotage, and theft. Despite his dark past, Mr. 2's heroic deeds and loyalty to Luffy's crew ultimately led him to join Impel Down.

2. Hatchan:

Hatchan, a fish-man and former member of the Arlong Pirates, began as an antagonist who caused immense suffering to Nami's village for a decade. However, after the defeat of his captain, Arlong, Hatchan experienced a profound change of heart. He shifted from a villainous nature to a heroic one, becoming a trustworthy ally to the Straw Hat crew during their adventures in the Sabaody Archipelago.

3. helmeppo:

helmeppo, the son of a former Marine captain, initially exhibited cruel tendencies, exploiting his father's influence to carry out sinister acts. As a mischievous and arrogant young boy, he abused his authority, causing harm to others. One of his dark responsibilities included imprisoning Zoro. Nevertheless, after Luffy's triumph over Morgan, helmeppo decided to reform himself. He joined the Marines under the mentorship of Koby and underwent rigorous training, which ultimately transformed him from a malevolent character who despised and attacked others to a hero dedicated to serving the Marines and helping people.

 4. Bellamy (The Hyena):

Bellamy, the captain of the Bellamy Pirates under Donquixote Doflamingo, initially appeared as a villainous and sadistic character. He preyed on the weak, using his perceived superiority to exploit and attack them. However, as time passed, Bellamy's circumstances dramatically altered his personality. He became more composed and aspired to become Doflamingo's right-hand man. Eventually, Bellamy realized that he was being manipulated and decided to retire from piracy, seeking a peaceful life far from criminal activities after the events of the Dressrosa Arc.

5. Nico Robin:

Nico Robin carried a substantial bounty due to her connection to Ohara Island and the Poneglyphs, becoming the sole survivor of that island. Forced to work with various criminal organizations, she ended up as a deputy to the infamous Crocodile. Initially, she was an adversary of the Straw Hat crew. However, after Crocodile's defeat and her subsequent joining of the crew, Nico Robin's true nature as a kind-hearted individual was revealed. Her desire to live alongside her newfound friends marked her transformation into a beloved hero.


The journeys of these five characters from villains to heroes showcase the powerful themes of redemption, growth, and the potential for change in the One Piece universe. These transformations not only enrich the storyline but also resonate with audiences, making One Piece an enduring and beloved anime series.



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