Baroque Works: A Criminal Organization in the Arabasta Arc

Baroque Works: A Criminal Organization in the Arabasta Arc

Baroque Works: A Criminal Organization in the Arabasta Arc

In this article, we will delve into Baroque Works, a secretive criminal organization that clashed with the Straw Hat crew during the Arabasta Arc. We'll explore the organization's background, objectives, members, and its ultimate downfall.

What is Baroque Works?

Baroque Works is a notorious criminal organization led by the enigmatic figure known as "Mr. 0" or Crocodile. The clandestine group consists of 13 key members, each with their own dedicated assistant. These members are assigned code names such as "Mr. 1" and "Mr. 2," with rankings based on their strength and influence. Baroque Works is infamous for engaging in activities like sabotage, assassinations, and theft, which led to the outbreak of a civil war in Arabasta. Central to Crocodile's grand scheme was his desire to control the kingdom through the secretive "Operation Utopia," driven by his quest to obtain the powerful and legendary weapon, Pluton.

 Baroque Works' Members:

Among the significant figures within the organization was Nico Robin, Crocodile's trusted assistant. Nico Robin later becomes a pivotal member of the Straw Hat crew. She acted as a direct executor of Crocodile's orders. Another key member was "Mr. 1," a formidable adversary known for his steel body transformation, thanks to a potent Devil Fruit ability. In a climactic battle, Zoro, a member of the Straw Hat crew, managed to overcome "Mr. 1" and cut through his steel defense, showcasing his strength.

"Mr. 2," also known as Bon Clay, possessed a unique Devil Fruit power allowing him to mimic anyone's appearance and voice by mere touch. He displayed exceptional combat prowess, particularly in dual-sword fighting, a skill acquired during his background as a ballet dancer. His confrontation with Sanji, a member of the Straw Hat crew, was a testament to his strength.

 Lastly, "Mr. 3" wielded a formidable Devil Fruit ability called the "Wax-Wax Fruit," causing some challenges for the Straw Hat crew during their encounters.

 The Downfall of Baroque Works:

Ultimately, Baroque Works met its downfall at the hands of the resilient Straw Hat pirates. Led by Luffy, the crew thwarted Crocodile's nefarious plans, leading to the restoration of peace in the kingdom of Arabasta.


Baroque Works was a notorious criminal organization with a dark agenda. It clashed fiercely with the Straw Hat crew in Arabasta, but their resilience and determination led to the organization's defeat. The downfall of Baroque Works marks a significant milestone in the adventurous journey of the Straw Hat pirates..



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