The Mighty Pirates of Red-Haired Shanks' Yonko Crew: Unveiling the Top 10 Strongest Members


The Mighty Pirates of Red-Haired Shanks' Yonko Crew: Unveiling the Top 10 Strongest Members


Welcome, dear friends! Today, we embark on an exciting journey into the world of One Piece, exploring the incredibly formidable crew of the Yonko, Red-Haired Shanks. Join us as we reveal the top 10 most powerful individuals in this notorious pirate crew.

10. Rockstar:

Our list commences with Rockstar, a recent addition to the crew. While he once held a significant bounty of 94,000,000 Beli, his exceptional swordsmanship and cool demeanor make him a force to be reckoned with.

9. Hyouzou:

Taking the ninth spot is Hyouzou, known for his appearance during the Marineford War. His fearsome physique and teeth, reminiscent of marine creatures, grant him the ability to generate powerful waves.

8. Bon Kurei and Monster Chopper:

Securing the eighth place are the crew's musicians, Bon Kurei and Monster Chopper. Their light-hearted and comedic presence adds a unique touch, while Monster Chopper's strength in combat and Bon Kurei's superhuman punch enhance their power.

7. Hongo:

In the seventh position stands Hongo, the crew's skilled doctor with expertise in weaponry. His ability to disassemble and assemble arms swiftly makes him a valuable asset, akin to a combination of Chopper and Franky from the Straw Hat crew.

6. Lucky Roo:

Ranking sixth is Lucky Roo, sporting an intimidating look with a black skull-adorned hat and shades. His utilization of defensive Rokushiki techniques and an electric staff suggests he may rival Nami's abilities.

5. Blamenco:

Claiming the fifth spot is Blamenco, who also participated in the Marineford War. His tall stature and dragon tattoo characterize him as the crew's navigator, skilled in defense and speed with a medium-sized sword.

4. Lucky Roux:

At the fourth place, we have Lucky Roux, one of the earliest crew members. His swift reaction in FUusha Village showcased his strength. His potent Haki envelopes his bullets, penetrating Devil Fruit users, and he can even block attacks with his bare hands.

3. Yasopp:

Taking the third position is Yasopp, Usopp's renowned father and the crew's first member. As an exceptional sniper, he boasts continuous precognition Haki, rendering him nearly untouchable.

2. Ben Beckman:

In second place, we encounter the remarkable Ben Beckman, who halted Kizaru during the Marineford War. His exceptional intelligence and formidable Busoshoku Haki place him on par with Shanks as a captain.

1. Red-Haired Shanks:

Finally, reigning supreme at the topmost spot is the beloved Yonko, Red-Haired Shanks. His mastery of all types of Haki and the unique "Haki Predictive Killer" title make him an awe-inspiring force. Shanks' Conqueror's Haki is especially noteworthy, solidifying his position as one of the mightiest characters in the anime.


Thank you for joining us on this thrilling voyage through the top 10 members of Red-Haired Shanks' Yonko crew. We hope you enjoyed this article. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!



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